Feature Post-paid Pre-paid 
Requires a SSN Yes No
Requires a Credit Check Yes No
Requires pre-payment up front in
order to activate service
Monthly InvoiceYesNo
Late FeeYesNo
Low Variable & Fixed Rates*Yes*Yes
Term of Service Fees
(See Schedule)
Automated PaymentsYesYes

Choosing Your Electricity Service

Traditional post-paid electricity service is when you're charged for your service on a monthly basis after you use it, so you don't need to worry about having money for electric service on a daily basis. With post-paid service, a credit check is required and a deposit may be necessary to activate service.

 Post-paid service includes monthly billing that typically gives you 15 days to pay. If you do not pay the bill by the due date, you'll most often receive a disconnect notice and will be charged a late fee. Your service could be disconnected if you fail to pay your bill within 10 days of the disconnect notice.

 All you need to qualify for Snap Energy Latino pre-paid service is a smart meter installed by your local utility, and the ability to receive either text or e-mail notifications. Snap Energy Latino services the CenterPoint, OnCor, AEP North, AEP Central, TNMP, Sharyland and Sharyland McAllen areas.

 Managing your pre-paid service is as easy as reading a text or answering an email, because we send you information about your usage and account balance. You'll also be notified if your account balance drops below 7 days of estimated usage remaining.

 To help you keep track of your account, Snap Energy Latino provides daily updates. For pre-paid service, there is no credit check and no social security number or other personal information needed. We'll need your name, a contact phone number for text messages or an email address, and security information that you select to allow access to your account.

 With a pre-paid electricity plan, you have the freedom to pay any amount you want based on your income schedule. You can also set up auto-pay and we'll use your credit or debit card to automatically charge a specific amount that you choose whenever your available balance drops below the threshold that you set.

 Pre-paid service is not available for customers who have a Critical Care” or “Chronic Care” condition as determined by their local utility, or anyone that could become seriously ill or sustain a dangerous or life-threatening condition if electric service was disconnected.

 Snap Energy Latino can assist if you need help paying your electric bill. We can provide you with your recent usage and payment history and we will work closely with assistance agencies if you qualify. For a list of assistance agencies, visit: http://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/community-affairs/index.htm



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